Things to Avoid in College Application Essays


A college application essay is a gateway for you to grab an award. You, therefore, need to make as many more mistakes as you can—some of the things that you should avoid. 

  • Do not repeat the academic and extra-curricular achievements

You are great, and work from out of school have already worked their places in your transcript, activities, and list of awards. The essay, therefore, provides another perspective to the application. It represents who you’ll be not only as a classmate but also as another roommate or the leader of a community. 

  • Don’t write about a topic

It is not an analytical essay, neither are you attending an English class. You should ensure that you explore only the specific moments that tell the reader about who you are in character. 

  • Never begin with a preface

Your text me Sunday boring if you begin your paper with a lead-in. You’ll only get one chance to capture the reader’s attention, and therefore you should do all it takes to Hook them right from the start. Jump straight into the dialogue. 

  • Avoid ending with a conclusion that resembles a happy ever after

Never include statements like “and that’s the day I learned…”. You lose traction in your paper if you write such words. You should know that whoever is reading your article is smart, and if you’ve shown your intelligence, you don’t need to tell them what made you intelligent. The essay is not academic writing or a story that you tell like a narrative, and that’s why you need to keep it fitting within your standard to let the reader know more about you.

  • Don’t pontificate 

Avoid telling people about what they should think. Don’t deem yourself right and see someone else as wrong. Instead of criticizing work, show yourself doing the job than making the case. If you tell the readers what they should think, your essay may sound boring, and they may even lose interest along the way.

  • Don’t get sucked in your thoughts

Some of the worst kisses have students completely drowned in their thoughts. Ensure that you write about what happened today and what happened or what you did the following day. 

  • Don’t Hold Back

You should reveal the real you in a college essay. Ensure that the reader seizes the complicated version of yourself and not all glamor you should become. Colleges take in real people the perfect ones. Therefore, you should ensure that whatever you include in your essay is the authentic version of you and don’t include information that is not true about who you are or what you have become, or your achievements. 

  • Never give too much information

You should be very careful when you’re writing your college application essay since it’s the first point that the college will know the real you. Of course, there are no stories with limits but ensure that you tell them so that they can draw people to feel your experience at not as a way to scare or shock them. 

  • Avoid sharing your essay with many people

You should be prudent when sharing. More students will come to show their essays to their counselor, teachers, friends, and family. You will realize that each person you share your article with will have what you should include, and in no time, you will have to recognize that you have lost the wheel and heart of your text. 

  • Don’t over-edit your essay

After you get done with showing everyone the essay you have written, you might find yourself editing it repeatedly to satisfy each reader’s needs. When you do this, you’ll lose the voice of your essay, and you’ll never have the confidence to rewrite it. Ensure that you remain authentic and never copy or sound like anybody else.

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