How to Build Success in Essay Writing

You may likely have come across people who are so good in their writing skills that you wonder if it is an inborn ability. However, if you are not that good, do not feel unworthy of yourself.  You are capable of learning and turning out to be as good as them. Taking on any essay writing challenge can help you learn to present your ideas creatively and concisely. Such an article aims to provide you with essay writing tips that will guide you through each writing stage of your essay.

  1. Start smart

A smart start is the first step towards your future success in essay writing.  Avoid procrastination, as the more you avoid starting to write that essay, the less time you will have acquiring success and building on your essay writing skills. Writing your essay at the last minute while in a hurry will not get you the best grades you wish for. Be keen on the instructions provided for the essay writing and choose an interesting topic that you will be motivated to write about. Ensure your essay is reader-oriented to be successful in your writing.

  1. Comprehend and focus on primary sources of information

Before you begin looking into what other researchers have written about your topic, take time to comprehend your topic thoroughly. You will gain an independent position quickly and avoid producing plagiarized work.  With your idea in mind, look into the primary sources to polish your arguments.

  1. Research seriously

Use all digital libraries you know to find credible resource materials related to your essay topic. Ensure you cite your sources according to provided vitiation guidelines.

  1. Develop a functional outline

An essay outline is the best guideline to make your first essay writing easy. A functional outline is a draft of your essay that helps in the organization of your essay points. Your outline should have an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion.

  1. Write the first draft

Writing your first draft should be fun if you developed an outline, comprehended your research topic, and did your research well. Do not worry as it is your first draft, and it does not need to be perfect. Unleash your creativity in every sentence you write to build the skill within you.

  1. Polish your essay writing

When you finish writing your first draft, take your time polishing your writing. Make your title more grippy and intriguing. Read through your draft as any other potential reader could do. With that perception, gauge whether a stranger or teacher reading the same essay would understand it the way you do. Ensure it is convincing and enjoyable to read.

  1. Proofread as much as possible

Proofreading is an essential stage in essay writing that you should not neglect at all. It is much easier with applications that offer proofreading services such as Grammarly. Correct all grammatical, punctuation, and comprehension mistakes to have the best essay.


The secret to finding writing an essay easy and build success essay writing skills is to focus on expressing yourself to be heard through your writing. We all have a story to share with others, and there is no better way of sharing than putting it in writing engagingly.