General tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills


Are you having a hard time writing your essay? Would you like to learn new tips and tactics to help you boost your essay writing skills? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall cover some crucial points to help you improve essay writing skill in a matter of days. We shall touch on some fundamental aspects which can turn a dull paper into a superb essay. Therefore, if you are having trouble in this area, then this article could be of great help to you.

Students face a lot of essays as they go through their course years. Writing is, however, not easy to handle, even for people who have experience. Plus, the essay types keep on changing. I mean, you might be working on a research paper today and an analytical essay tomorrow. Therefore without a good strategy, you might score low points, which will eventually adversely affect your final grade. Remember that essays play a significant role in the final examination. It would help if you, therefore, scored highly in them to boost your grade. We shall try to help you improve your essay writing skills in the best way possible.

Tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills

  • Where to Begin?

The prompt is always where you will want to start your essay. Ensure that you grasp all the contents of the prompt. Remember that the purpose of an essay is to help you prove that you can create a logically flowing argument that persuades a reader to join your perspective. Therefore you should ensure you grasp the prompt content efficiently not to follow the wrong path on your arguments.

After you have a clear, prompt understanding, you can now work on the paper. Try to provide an answer to the provided prompt. You can commence your paper writing by paraphrasing the provided problem. Doing so helps you understand the questions a lot better, unlike rewriting the exact question. Try using synonyms, a change of perspective, and grammar to convert the structure of the question. You can also use a passive voice in place of an active one.

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  • Create an Outline

An outline is an obvious tip but one that many students tend to overlook. Having an outline is like having a writing guide. It guides you and ensures that you do not go off-topic. It is very efficient and helps you cover a lot in the long run.

  • Develop a Hook

Look for something to attract the attention of your reader. It might be a question, a joke, or a quote. Take advantage of what you know about your reader to create a perfect hook. It always works.

The main idea about a hook is to find a statement that has a positive response from the reader. However, if you use another person’s joke or quote, remember to reference the material you used.


Essay writing can be overwhelming to man people. However, if you push on hard and apply all the tips provided in this article, you will find them easier to handle with time.

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