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Sweet Spot Stain Remover Tube

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Wouldn't it be sweet to spend your time doing the things you love instead of working out that stubborn stain like that coffee you spilled this morning? Our team has come up with a natural alternative to those commercial brands that may contain bleach and other harmful chemicals on your clothing.

Using an old fashioned recipe for modern day needs, you will sweeten your life by taking out stains old and new as easy as pie.

Lab formulated for the removal of make up, dirt, coffee, blood, wine and any other stain that may come your way.

INGREDIENTS: Saponified coconut and canola oil, rosemary extract, vegetable glycerine and sorbitol

HOW TO USE: Spritz or soak the stained area. Rub our Sweet Spot Stain Tube and agitate with a soft bristle brush or by hand under water. Launder with our Laundry Tarts detergent.

TIP: For pre-existing stains that have been previously washed and dried, or oils stains, soak the item in warm water, agitate and squeeze for a few minutes. Rub stain with stain stick and wash as normal.

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