Our Ingredients

What we DON’T put in our detergent and why:

Chlorine can be very irritating to the skin. It can dry out the skin’s natural oils and may cause rashes, hives, soreness and irritation to the eyes, lungs and mucus membranes.

Phosphates are made from a phosphorus base, which is a very important mineral for plants and animals. Excess phosphorus into rivers, lakes and fresh water may offset the delicate balance of biology and produce an excess of algae and bacteria. This may cause the bacteria balance inhabitable for aquatic life, unsuitable for swimming or ingesting.

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS/SLES)
SLS/SLES, may be a skin irritant and is absorbed into the skin very easily. Like many other commercial ingredients, it is also being linked to a category of xenoestrogen; making its way to the bloodstream potentially causing hormonal imbalances in the body.

EDTA is used as a preservative in cosmetics, food, chelation therapy, the textile industry and pulp mills as well as in laundry detergents for treating hard water. EDTA may be more harmful to the environment and is being linked to being a hormone disrupting agent.

Phthalates are synthetic fragrance enhancers which can be irritating to asthma sufferers, cause headaches, migraines, dizziness and are being linked to disrupting hormone levels.

What we DO put in our formulas

Sodium Bicarbonate
The list of uses for baking soda is insurmountable. We use it to eliminate odours, balance PH and brighter brights!

Sodium Percarbonate
Oxygenated bleach is a disinfectant and natural brightener that is both non-toxic and safe for the environment. Using oxygen to kill odour causing bacteria and loosen embedded residues and stains, oxygen bleach is also colour safe for all your garments. We use a powdered form of this ingredient in a high food grade concentration. Although it is not edible, it is food grade similar to what dentists use in whitening your teeth; non-toxic and great for lightening stains. 

Sodium Carbonate and Salt
We use soda wash and sea salt in our detergent formula because it:  Brightens Colours  Prevent Colour Bleeding  Removes blood, ink, rust, armpit, grease and mildew stains! What else does it do? Ever hear anyone complain of starchy or crunchy clothes?! Our formula assists in removing that problem! Works phenomenal when line drying especially, but when customers use our detergents, one of the first things they will notice is that their clothes are softer and that crunchy feeling is gone. You don’t need to add chemical softeners to your laundry routine anymore!

This will not only save you money, but commercial fabric softeners are loaded with chemicals that may have questionable ingredients being deposited on your clothes and skin. Apart from being a phenomenal stain fighter and containing anti-bacterial properties, sea salt softens your clothing while it dissolves. 

Mixed with Sodium Carbonate, a high grade of soda wash, the ph of the formula removes odour causing bacteria and acts as a light dissolving agent to remove stains while protecting your garments.

Rosemary Extract and sorbitol
Rosemary was traditionally used and still is used as one of the best natural preservatives for cosmetics and other natural products. Traditional fisherman used to put rosemary sprigs with fresh caught fish to preserve them during long transit times. We do not use any parabens or other questionable preservatives in our formula. Why is that important? Parabens are a category of preservatives that are questionably being found in breast cancer tumors. Shown to disrupt hormones that lead to endocrine cancers and other illnesses, parabens are becoming banned substances in some parts of the world for this reason.

Unfortunately, Canada and the USA do not lead the ban on these ingredients but overwhelming evidence supports enough reason to avoid this ingredient or use products sparingly that contain these questionable ingredients. Sorbitol is a preservative and is tough on stains! 

Saponified Canola and Coconut Oil
WE USE REAL SOAP! The base we use is an artisan, vegan soap; lovingly hand made in Toronto, Canada. We are one of the only companies that actually use real soap. Real soap has compounds that remove dirt, oils and odour causing bacteria. When rinsed with water, you have the easiest and best clean that has been used for centuries. We use the same concept but with modern day stains and technology in mind.

Neat Fact! After World War 2, many different detergent compounds were created due to the shortage of fatty acids for basic soap ingredients. Chemical compounds became a cheaper and faster way to include filler ingredients and replace the basic ingredients needed to make soap. To this day a lot of products that are used for cleaning do not actually contain soap ingredients but rather contain water, fragrance, oils and sudsing chemicals meant to foam to give the illusion of clean-body washes, shampoos, dish soaps and especially laundry detergents. TRUE: Our soap base is 100% vegan, does not contain genetically modified ingredients and we do not test on animals.

Phthalate Free fragrances
What the heck are Phthalates?! (F-th-ah-lates) Phthalates are synthetic fragrance enhancers which can be irritating to asthma sufferers, cause headaches, migraines, dizziness and are being linked to disrupting hormone levels, feminizing males in the womb and blocking natural hormone receptors in females. Commonly used in perfumes and also used to soften plastics and vinyls, phthalates have been documented in numerous studies linked to endocrine disruption, breast cancer and other hormonal imbalance related illnesses.

Although Canada and the USA is becoming more aware of these chemicals and phasing them out of certain products like children’s toys and food containers, there are many companies who use this chemical as fragrance enhancers. TRUE: Sometimes commercial brands use waxes and other plastics in dryer sheets! When you add the heat from the dryer, they melt onto your clothing! TRUE: Our products are phthalate free! We use essential oils and phthalate free bases to create our custom dessert inspired fragrances. Our fragrance blends rinse clean with water and will not leave a residue on your garments. Your clothing will smell clean and not like perfume. Combining phthalate free fragrances with essential oils, plant extracts and absolutes, our signature fragrances are custom made as unique as your nose.

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