Treating your child's stuffy to the ultimate cleaning

Is your child’s stuffy’s looking dingy? Was there a case of the flu, lice, allergies, asthma or chocolate incident with your child’s favourite stuffed animal? Then, it’s time for Mr. Snuggles to be treated to the Laundry Tarts Stuffed animal spa treatment.

First, do not give boo boo bear a bath during nap time or bed time, you’ll want to chose a time that your child will not notice it has gone for a few hour holiday.

Most plush animals can safely take a spin in the washing machine, but there is always a risk of damage that you’ll want to take into consideration. Check the care tag if it has one as certain furs might not be able to go into the washing machine likewise with Beanie Babies that are stuffed with small foam balls or beads.

Check to see if it has a music box, batteries, anything glued on like sequins or loosely sewn eyes, delicate clothing or are filled with other materials than batting.

The wash cycle

For simple washing machine instructions:

Place your stuffed animal in a launder-able mesh bag in order to protect any delicate parts like eyes, ears and noses and will reduce snagging. Adding some towels at the bottom can add a layer of padding for added protection for your stuffy.  

Use the gentlest cycle on your washing machine and always use cold or warm water in order to protect any parts that may melt on a hot water setting that can also dissolve glues.

The agitation cycle may be too aggressive and ball up your stuffed animal due to the batting inside, if you have a machine that you can opt out of the agitation cycle, it will launder better and will be easier to return it to its normal shape.

Spin it real good

Either on spin cycle or by hand, squeeze any access water out, dry as much as possible and either hang to dry or use a hair dryer on low heat for added touch ups.

If you have a stuffed animal friend that has more delicate parts, is a little older or just requires more special care, hand washing may be the best way to go. You can also ensure any stained spots or areas can be tended to with a little more attention.

If your stuffy needs a full wash and can be submerged, fill your sink with warm water and add 2 TBSP of our detergent. Do not add more detergent then recommended as the rinsing process will be a nightmare. Soak, squeeze and agitate with your hands, allowing the clean soap to saturate throughout the material.

Use Strip-It for the ultimate clean

If you have a white or dingy stuffed animal, our Strip It pre-treatment formula will be perfect for a soak to get rid of that grey look and bring out the brightness in your friend. Our Strip it Formula will act as a booster.

Repeat the same process when you’re done using clean water until the water comes out clear.

If your stuffed animal buddy isn’t a fan of being submerged or is a delicate material or an older vintage friend. Simply get a bowl of warm water, ½ TBSP of our detergent and wash with a toothbrush. Rinse using a soft cloth and warm water.

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