To Smell or Not to Smell

Fragrances are everywhere in products

The list is extensive as more research is being demanded from consumers who want to know what is in their products. And, rightly so. The majority of synthetic fragrances contain potentially cancer causing ingredients and have not been tested in combination with other absorbing or questionable ingredients. Paired with the high rate of hormonal based cancers and hormone disrupting agents in personal care products, fragrances are a leading questionable topic for ingredients lists. We receive a lot of questions about our fragrances which we are happy to answer and pass on some information to help you make educated decisions for your personal care products regime.

The scary issue with chemically based commercial fragrances is that the extraction process may contain potentially harmful ingredients such as Phenols, Dioxins, Phthalates and Formaldehyde releasing agents-all of which are on the high level red alert for carcinogenic, allergy-inducing and hormone disrupting substances. They also last forever and are very strong. Naturally derived scents may not last forever like their counterpart, but their potency is based on concentration and not synthetic chemical enhancers.

The Top 10 Toxic Ingredients

On the top ten toxic ingredients list for the Environmental Defence group, The David Suzuki Foundation and the Environmental Working Group page-most of them are ingredients found in perfumes and chemical based fragrances. This also gives customers the illusion that fragrances, even natural ones automatically mean that they are harmful or contain cancer-causing agents. Although it is rare to find fragrances that are naturally derived, they do in fact exist and do not go through the process of using chemicals during the extraction process. Most naturally derived extracts and oils use simple based alcohols like brandy and vodka, underwater or oxygen to extract without having to call upon the top ten terrors of xenoestrogens and endocrine disruptors.

Fragrance-Free is a simple way to avoid this issue as even the most sensitive of noses and skin can be affected with even plant based solutions. But, if you like using fragrances, you can still use your Birthday Cake detergent and smell like it too.

Our Fragrances

Although the fragrances that we use are Phthalate free-are they also Phenol, Dioxin and Formaldehyde-free as well? They are absolutely free of all of those substances! All our fragrances that we use are essential oil based. We also use fragrances that are derived from food and plant extracts with the use of oxygen to make our signature fragrances. All our fragrances are certified, approved and used all over the world as a safe substance in which no carcinogens or questionable ingredients are used in the manufacturing or processing of these fragrances. We also list our ingredients on the package where they should be. We are a handful of very few companies that do this so that you can make educated decisions and compare.

Because we do not use commercial chemicals, the fragrances we use are residue free. They are naturally derived from nature and are meant to be released back into nature. If your clothing smells strongly like perfume from other detergents, it is because there is a residue of chemicals on your clothing. Some brands use waxes, plastics and other adhering chemicals to absorb into your garments to give you the illusion that a perfumed item is a clean item. This is not truly cleaning your clothes rather is masking odours with chemicals. Our fragrances are naturally based and are meant to be a fun alternative to chemicals while still being able to give our customers a fabulous product that cleans deeply without leaving residues.

Your clothing should come out smelling clean and lightly scented with our signature blends which are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. Just like your dish soap which often is scented, you would not want your dishes to smell or taste like the soap you use. In order to have a fully clean experience with your clothing, the soap needs to be rinsed out to expel bacteria, dirt and other particles that dirty your garments that the soap is meant to release.

Are your clothes clean?

The dryer is an interesting test to see if you may need an additional rinse in your cycle. Prior to The Laundry Tart days, we used to have the smelly towel problem. We would wash, rinse and when they came out of the dryer they smelled great. That is, until they were wet again and smelled like a troll’s foot. Drying may eliminate surface bacteria with heat, but wetness and moisture can bury itself deep into your garments and spread bacteria. This may require you to soak your clothing with a pre-treatment formula or add an extra rinse cycle to items that may require extra laundering such as synthetic material blends or heavily soiled items such as cloth diapers. Cloth diapering usually requires an extra rinse in HE machines as the newer machines use less water. With the strong level of bacteria in cloth diapering and the combination of material blends on the market, it is recommended to do an additional rinse to prevent any bacteria from spreading if not properly rinsed. Although the soap that you use is very important-water is your best friend in rinsing what your soap brings out.

Whatever you may be using in your personal care products fragrance free or not-check out this pocket shopping guide and feel good about reading your ingredients labels which will help you to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals found in fragrances.

The Toxic Ten found in Canadian Products by the Environmental Defence. Carry this around in your wallet and read your ingredients labels wherever you may go:

For those who do wish to have a stronger smelling laundry load, check out our Tumbler Tart dryer balls meant to reduce static, eliminate time in your dry cycle, soften and scent your clothing using all naturally derived fragrances free of any carcinogens.  Inside each package, you will find a concentrated vial of our signature scent blends-this allows you to use as little or as much fragrance as you would like your clothing to smell like. For a strong smelling laundry experience up to 8 Tumblers may be used. Each ball can last up to a decade with proper use and re-scenting kits are available to change scents or add a stronger blend to a faded scent.

Happy Laundering!

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