Tips for Stain Removal

Don’t ignore a stain or leave it for later-the faster you act, the easier to get the stain out. Tend to spots as soon as they happen. If you can’t wash right away, sponge with water or pre-treat using a non-bleach stain remover laundry soap bar.

Remove any stain solids first

Before acting on a solid stain, first ask; can it be scraped, swept or vacuumed? Are there gobs or crusts of food you can scrape off first? The less on a garment, the better the result.

Pre-treat and pre-soak

Water will swell the fibers on material which will make it easier to remove any embedded material into the item. While loading, sorting or getting ready to do laundry is the perfect time to pre-treat your stains. Pre-treatment products contains soil dissolvers to treat stubborn stains. When put into the washing machine, the stain is suspended in the wash water and flushed away.  

Don’t overload your machine

This will make it harder for soap and water to be dispersed properly to ensure all items of clothing receive the proper cleaning attention. 

Don’t apply heat

This will set in the stain with a dryer, iron or hot water unless the specific stain calls for it. Always look out for stains or put a safety pin to remind you of any stains before going into the washer and dryer-this will make stains harder to get out.

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